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Original vs. Plus

6 week programINACTIVE — Posture Rehab Program

This program is suggested for anyone that does not regularly exercise and whose work or daily activities do not create an active lifestyle. This level is also suggested for anyone whose visual posture is extremely poor in their natural standing or sitting position, regardless of activity level.

ACTIVE — Posture Health Program

This program is suggested for anyone that does not actively strength train but who exercises regularly or whose work or daily activities create an active lifestyle.

ATHLETIC — Posture Performance Program

This program is suggested for anyone who actively strength trains at least 3-4 times per week or who is considered an athlete. However, if posture is visually poor, beginning with Posture Medic Plus but following the INACTIVE is suggested to begin posture training. This can address the possibility of tightened pectoral muscles in the early stages.

— 75% of the population should begin with the Original Strength before advancing to the Plus Strength.
— Obese individuals may require the Plus Strength regardless of activity level to support bulk in the chest area.


Reviews By Our Satisfied Customers and Healthcare Professionals

    "These feel so much better than I was expecting. At first I was concerned that it only targets your limbs, but even holding it against the back of your neck or back feels amazing also."
    "Since I have an hour commute, I like to wear my Posture Medic when I'm on the road."
    "My Posture Medic is helping me to remember to keep my chest up and shoulders back when I'm at the computer."
    Larry T.
    "I love to use my Posture Medic while ironing or working at my desk ,and now, I don't get discomfort between my shoulder blades that I have experienced in the past. My lower back feels a lot better for a lot longer, as well."
    Lee P.
    "Posture Medic is the single most valuable fitness resource that I have invested my time, money, or energy into."
    Chris D.