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Posture Medic

Immediate Results • Simple to Use • Improved Range of Motion • Better Posture

Our Posture Medic support system is specifically designed to help overcome the poor posture habits and retrain the body to stand up straight with our easy Stretch-Strengthen-Stabilize program. Using the Posture Medic for our short 10 minute per day program improves shoulder range of motion and upper back strength.
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    "Posture Medic is the single most valuable fitness resource that I have invested my time, money, or energy into."
    Chris D.
    "I love to use my Posture Medic while ironing or working at my desk ,and now, I don't get discomfort between my shoulder blades that I have experienced in the past. My lower back feels a lot better for a lot longer, as well."
    Lee P.