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New Zealand

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ChiroMatrix Website Services:

iMatrix has more information on their website than with my previous website provider. I've generated more new patients from my new website with Imatrix than I did with my old website and in even less time." Michael A. Speesler, D.C.

We have been very pleased with the results we are getting from Chiromatrix. We switched to them because of their superior knowledge of SEO and Keyword integration. The site has paid for itself on a weekly basis! We could not be more thrilled!" Scottie Lawrence, DC

Chiromatrix has been a pleasure to work with since the day I signed up with them. Their staff has been flawless in their communication and execution in creating a website to be proud of. I would recommend Chiromatrix without reservation." Dr. J. Allen

"I love companies that under-promise and over-deliver. That's why I love ChiroMatrix! I have a website that brings wonderful comments from those who see it, allows me to communicate with ALL my patients at a moments notice and also attract new patients. I can now send everyone to my website to learn about what I do and they can visualize actual patient results; therefore, this is an extremely valuable tool for teaching my patients about real healthcare. Hats off and kudos to everyone at iMatrix, you should be proud of what you are doing. I know I am proud and confident to recommend you to everyone I can." Dr. Kim R. Shunkwiler


Reviews By Our Satisfied Customers and Healthcare Professionals

    "These feel so much better than I was expecting. At first I was concerned that it only targets your limbs, but even holding it against the back of your neck or back feels amazing also."
    "Since I have an hour commute, I like to wear my Posture Medic when I'm on the road."
    "My Posture Medic is helping me to remember to keep my chest up and shoulders back when I'm at the computer."
    Larry T.
    "I love to use my Posture Medic while ironing or working at my desk ,and now, I don't get discomfort between my shoulder blades that I have experienced in the past. My lower back feels a lot better for a lot longer, as well."
    Lee P.
    "Posture Medic is the single most valuable fitness resource that I have invested my time, money, or energy into."
    Chris D.