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PostureMedic Original Corrector

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Product Details

PosturePerfector™ is a dynamic support system specifically designed to help overcome poor posture habits and re-train the body to stand up straight with the easy, included Stretch-Strengthen-Stabilize program.

Using the PostureMedic for just 10 minutes per day improves shoulder range of motion and upper back strength. It activates the correct muscles of the upper back to start doing their job, and stabilizes the spine in a good posture position. By wearing the PosturePerfector as a dynamic brace, the body is re-trained to maintain the ideal position: head up, open chest, shoulders back and down. With PosturePerfector /PostureMedic, you'll feel the difference immediately. . PostureMedic Plus is 2X as strong as the Original.

Product Details
  • Colors Depends On The Size
  • Materials Natural Rubber, Nylon, Foam Rubber, Plastic, Thread
  • Measurements 11"L x 15"W x 1"H (Depends on the Size)

— Works In Conjunction With The Included Stretch-Strengthen-Stabilize Program

— Not Designed To Be Worn Continuously. Wear It On And Off Throughout The Day For 15 - 20 Mins At A Time & Stretch In Between Uses

— Designed For People 5' To 5'5"
— Measurements: 8"L x 9"W x 1"H
— Weight: 0.3 lb

— Designed For People 5'5" To 5'8"
— Measurements: 9"L x 11"W x 1"H
— Weight: 0.4 lb

— Designed For People 5'8" To 5'11"
— Measurements: 10"L x 12"W x 1"H
— Weight: 0.4 lb

— Designed For People 5'11" To 6'3"
— Measurements: 11"L x 15"W x 1"H
— Weight: 0.5 lb

— Note: For Broad Shoulder Individuals, Order Up 1 Size; For Narrow Shoulder Individuals, Order Down 1 Size

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The roots of PrimeKinetix™ lie in the rich rehabilitative therapy history of the PosturePerfector™ LLC, the brands parent company. Founded as The PosturePerfector ™ In 2011 by Gabriel Burrell, an advanced rehab specialist, personal trainer, and professional strength coach. The company started out producing the PosturePerfector ™ product line.

Over the years, with extensive development, innovation, and customization the PosturePerfector ™ has now become the PostureMedic™ and is in its 3rd generation of product line advancements and improvements. The PostureMedic™ is now the number one posture training tool in clinics and all of America as well as Australia, the UK, and Canada.

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